The Wonder of Sleep: Beyond Midnight

Want more sleep?

Noticed a few driving errors lately or getting to your destination and wondering how?

Motivation at work or at home dropping off?

Sometimes we just don’t get the sleep we need. There appears to be a war against sleep. Yet sleep underpins so much in relation to health and wellness, safety, and productivity. Most people don’t really know how much better their lives could be, until they get three nights of adequate sleep in a row.

This book is a compilation of knowledge gained from years of research, presenting in front of more than 29,000 people, and using tales from the training room to discuss the nuances, disappointments, and joys of sleep. Dr Mabbott presents a mix of scientific evidence and practical strategies to help people get to sleep in five minutes on most nights. He also shows how his knowledge has helped some nightshift workers go from an average of 4.5 hours of sleep per day, to over 7 hours. Using the information from within the book, we can become safer drivers and workers, better parents, and partners, and feel much better in ourselves.

The reader is challenged with the question:

“Are you currently the best version of yourself?” and is provided with the means to find out how to be just that.

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ISBN › 978-1-922920-66-9
Genre › Self Help & How To
Pages › 286
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